Passion and adrenaline take center stage in your holiday in the Canary Islands and you enter the world of extreme sensations of kitesurfing. You’ve chosen a good home for it, the spectacular conditions make you fly at high speed up to 3 meters waves driven by winds of 3-8 in Beaufort scale. Here, the kite gives you endless possibilities … Learn and practice or just enjoy watching the feats of the riders in the water while coloring the landscape with its sails.

Fly, jump, roll … enjoy the kite in the Canary Islands! So impressive is all going to feel this new extreme sport practiced during your vacation in the Canary Islands. 365 days of sunshine, a water temperature ranging between 18 and 23 º C (64.4 and 73.4 º F) throughout the year, together with the excellent sea and wind conditions in the islands so you can experience this wonderful adventure flight and navigation.

Kite, board and harness are your weapons to conquer the wind and waves. This is the equipment that will help you glide at high speed across the waters of the Canary Islands to maneuver on them and take off on a jump that makes you fly over the waves.

The impressive conditions of the Canary Islands, the beauty of its beaches and the exclusive selection of companies and organizations dedicated to water sports are your allies in this adventure. Here in the Canaries, you can learn all about the labor kitesurf experts who share with you the respect for the aquatic environment, theories of the wind and how to use your kite to get you faster by helping you to master the waves and, above all , to feel the strongest emotions.

The sensations Canary gives you the kite are different from those that have felt able to practice other water sports. Take a minute and imagine practicing kitesurf in the Canary Islands … join those who have already discovered in the Canary Islands an exciting haven in which to unleash adrenaline and imagination, shared with other riders the best feelings that these islands will gift through the kite.