Although the sport of kiteboarding is very recent, the idea of using kites as a means of propulsion is not new. During the twelfth century, XIII and XIV various communities of fishermen and sailors from Indonesian, Polynesian and Chinese used kites to tow their boats.

In the early nineteenth century, the British inventor George Pocock patented a kite traction for cars and boats. Performed several tests and broke several records. Their ships could sail in directions within 90 degrees against the wind.

In November 1903, the American inventor Samuel Cody stepped in Channel surfing with kites.

In 1970, Peter Powel English invented the kite 2 line and built a delta-shaped kite with which sailed in small boats.

In October 1977, the inventor of the Netherlands Adrianus Gijsbertus Panhuis get the first patent for our sport. The patent described a sport in which you navigate using a surfboard pulled by a “parachute” to which is attached by a harness. Although this patent is not exploited commercially, Adrianus Gijsbertus Panhuis could be considered as the first kiters.

In 1978, American Culp Dave designed the first committed with the bouncy edge. In the early 80′s, Arnaud de Rosnay (France), during one of its crossings of the channel, using a table and a kite instead of a windsurfing sail. At the same time, Andreas Kuhn (Switzerland), tested with a hybrid between skiing and paragliding.

In 1985 the brothers Dominique and Bruno Legaignoux (France) made a demonstration of navigation on skis pulled by kites in the Brest International Speed Week. In 1987 they get the patent of the first kite that can take off from the water. In the same period, Cory Roeseler (USA) the first navigator to get the wind directions in this new era of sailing with kites.

One of the brothers Legaignoux in the Brest International Speed Week 1985.

The sport’s ultimate recognition came when internationally renowned windsurfing kitesurfing became fun.Among them, the highlight was Robby Naish.

In 1996, in the catalog of the clothing brand Oxbow Laird Hamilton appeared practicing sports a strange mix of surf, windsurf and buggy kite surfing. Their work together with other celebrities and athletes such as Manu Bertin makes water sports enthusiasts know the kitesurf.

A Naish kitesurfing liked it so much that, besides being one of the main disseminators, also became one of the largest manufacturers of kitesurfing equipment. In 1998 reaches an agreement with the brothers for making comets Legaignoux your license.

In the same year are the first kite in Spain, specifically the beach of Sant Pere Pescador (Girona, Costa Brava.) On the same beach in 1999 with Liberto Giménez Fan team found the first kitesurf school in Spain, Wind Station.