How do I learn?

Canary Island is ideal for kitesurfing. In the most important beaches for kitesurfing schools find courses ideal for us.

In the course of how exciting kite surfing, snowboarding and windsurfing. Have fun learning kitesurfing gliding over the water pulled by a kite. Try the kite and secure will want to repeat.

Kitesurfing is a dangerous activity, but because of the forces with which we are playing, you should never be a self-taught. There are many schools where you can take courses in safety.

To start this sport, the experts recommend doing an induction course where they teach a first contact with the material and, since this is a risky sport, it is necessary to observe some basic safety and rescue procedures that you can handle situations material breakage, falling comet, etc. This sport, in inexperienced hands can be dangerous, but well practiced is a very exciting sport that huge adrenaline rush.

In an introductory course, there is usually a section about safety, how the wind, etc. and a practical part, which begins in the sand with a kite, which makes contact with the power of the kite at different positions of the window of flight and its behavior in terms of speed. Procedure for raising and lowering and releasing the kite. Then you get into water and practice the “bodydrag” movement in the water without the board, this technique helps restore the water table, then the practice of “waterstart” or exit from the water table.

Kitesurfing is an exciting and safe sport, but we must begin the hand of a professional to give us their secrets. Never must start on his own.

How long are the courses?

Kitesurfing courses usually start with a duration of 2-5 days. By the time you begin to learn the basics of kitesurfing. Learning the kitesurfing is simple and quickly begin to enjoy the great sensations.


  • 1 day –   80€
  • 3 day – 240€
  • 5 day – 395€

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