Personalities of kitesurfing

The highest representative of the sport in Spain is the young Gisela Pulido, who at only 12 years for the third year became world champion in the modality in the Kiteboard Pro World Tour women.

On August 26, 2007 for the fourth time he became world champion, and in his first season in the professional circuit, in the absence of two tests for the completion of fist champioship.

On August 5, 2008 was proclaimed the fifth consecutive World Champion after winning the test of Chile, the tenth round of the circuit.

The kitesurfer is attached to the kite lines attached to a harness.

Another reference in Spain, is Abel Lago proclaimed in 2007 world champion in the form of waves in the Kiteboard Pro World Tour.3 And in 2008 runner-up in the same mode, the Galician rider currently is focused on promoting the kite, and in the development and evolution of the discipline of wave 4.

Also of note other names as protagonists of kitesurfing in Spain such as: Alex Pastor, Alvaro Onieva, Pedro Garijo and Sergio Perera.